The nature of cycling means it’s not a contact sport and neither does it host spectators in a stadium environment. The Rapport Tour caters for 180 select elite professionals as well as women’s elite and veteran men’s bunches and has been confirmed on the 2022 calendar. With a myriad of major South African sporting events cancelled due to the outbreak of the virus, including the Two Oceans Marathon and Comrades Marathon, endurance sporting fans can embrace the staging of the tour. It provides us with the unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to the mindset of South Africans and to society in general. At the same time, we can show the world that, even though we’re in the trenches in one of the worst periods in world history, we keep moving forward and we remain positive. To create and establish a new world-class sporting event for South Africa amidst these conditions is a significant achievement. It will lift our people’s spirits and re-awaken a sense of national pride. In our journey through life it’s important to always forge ahead and to remain positive. These attributes define us as South Africans, and it provides us with a sense of being and belonging. We firmly believe that we, as South Africans, have become accustomed to fighting in the trenches. Against the backdrop of our tumultuous history, this is yet another opportunity to show the world our resilience!



While the Rapport Tour had to function in isolation for many years during its existence, the 2022 Tour is presented in conjunction with Cycling South Africa and we have secured participation of numerous top international cyclists who want to showcase their talent against the best South African professionals, provided Covid-19 travel restrictions have been relaxed. If the restrictions are still in place, the tour will be staged with local riders only. The tour will host 30 teams of six riders each in the elite men’s category and we will reserve 5 teams for international riders should Covid-19 regulations accommodate international travel. With almost R2 million in exposure which Rapport is affording the Tour, it’s an amazing platform for our local riders.



The tour caters for elite men and women as well as veteran men who will ride in separate bunches. Entry fee is R4000 per rider and entries are open on www.cycleevents.co.za. The entry fee for each team of six riders is R24 000.



The Rapport Tour will constitute the most spectated and followed cycling event in South Africa, courtesy of significant media buy-in on numerous media platforms and, in particular, Rapport newspaper. Rapport and Media 24 are giving the Tour almost R2 million editorial exposure on their platforms. Rapport is supporting the Tour as a celebration of their 50th anniversary. This is a big differentiator for the tour and will ensure its success from an operational as well as exposure point of view. SABC and SuperSport have confirmed their support of the Tour and will flight a highlights package post event. Ready-to-air highlights packages will be made available to all major European networks.