The tour shall be governed by the UCI REGULATIONS, as well as the following provisions:

  1. The Rapport Tour is organised under a sanction granted by Cycling South Africa.
  2. Any infringements of these rules and regulations may result in penalties, fines and/or disqualification.
  3. The commissaires of the race have the authority to pull off riders who represent a danger to the field.
  4. The leaders of all classifications will be provided with a leader’s jersey specific to each classification that must be worn by the leader.
  5. The final 3 kilometers ruling will not apply to Stage 3, 4 & 5
  6. Any crossing of the center-line will be subject to penalty, whether it is done as an act of safety, rider neglect or intent to take unfair advantage during the race. The penalty can include a time penalty or disqualification from the event.
  7. Any hanging on motor vehicles of any sort or pacing behind them will result in immediate expulsion from the remainder of the race.
  8. Any dangerous behavior to other riders or spectators will be subject to penalty or expulsion.
  9. Any profanities or inappropriate behavior will be subject to penalty or expulsion.
  10. No individual non-Static support for CSA Licensed Racing Categories. Any violations will result in penalties to the rider being supported Three violations will result in disqualification.
  11. No radio communication between riders and team managers will be allowed, except in the time trial race.
  12. Race numbers must be worn at all times. All riders will receive 2 cloth race numbers at race registration These numbers must be pinned on both back side pockets of their cycling jersey to be clearly visible to race officials.
  13. Frame numbers must be affixed to your bike in the place designated by the race official.
  14. Morning sign-on: Daily sign-on is compulsory for all racing licensed rider categorie
  15. Cut-off times will be applied daily as determined by the Chief Commissaire in accordance to UCI regulations. Extension of cut-off times will be considered by the chief Commissaire and Safety Officer should circumstance in their view justify the extension. This is at their sole discretion.
  16. Prize giving: Except for the final prize giving on Signal Hill, all daily jersey handovers will take place on the morning before the start of each age category. The top 3 Stage finishers and jersey wearers are required to be present at prize giving/hand over.
  17. Gear ratios for Junior categories will be checked
  18. For Stage 5, time trial bikes and time trial equipment will be allowed
  19. In the time trial, support vehicles will be allowed if organised or arranged with commissaire Only managers with a valid license will be considered. Please pick up a vehicle sticker from the commissaire.
  20. Support vehicles will only be allowed in the race caravan in all CSA licensed racing categories by timely registration. Only managers with a valid license will be considered for registration. The team manager’s details must be submitted with the entry to receive permission to provide service. Please pick up a vehicle sticker from the commissaire.In all CSA racing categories riders must come back to the support car to take bottles; it will not be permitted to advance through groups to service riders. No feeding will be allowed in the first 50 km and last 20 km, on mountain passes or on a decent. Support vehicles must remain in the convoy and adhere to race referee’s instructions at all times.
  21. Neutral service vehicles: A neutral service vehicle is assigned to all the respective bunche
    These vehicles are only there for wheel changes and not for feeding.
    The neutral service vehicles are always under direct command of the race referee of a bunch and as a rule this vehicle is always with the leading riders of a bunch.
  22. Trash and water bottles MAY NOT be discarded along the racecourse. Riders in violation of this rule are subject to fines, time penalties and/or disqualification.
  23. Public urination in or near start/finish venues will not be tolerated and violation of the rule will result in fines and or disqualification in addition to any criminal charges from local municipalities. Riders will be allowed to take natural breaks during road race stages only in rural areas free of spectators.
  24. Should a rider abandon the race or not finish a stage within the allotted period his/her number must be returned to the race referee or the sweep vehicle and he/she is expelled for the remainder of the tour.
  25. All routes applicable to all groups


The organizers will provide traffic control and medical support. Riders must be aware that these are open routes and be aware of all potential traffic hazards. On all the Stages the riders must be aware of all traffic and must OBEY ALL RULES of the road.

When a race incident occurs, the Tour Director, Chief Commissaire or race referee reserve the right to make any kind of neutralization should circumstances demand such action.