26 September 2020

Rapport Classic

The Rapport Classic takes place on the first day of the Tour on the same route as the Tour’s first stage, with the exception of a 7km loop on the outskirts of Durbanville, which is excluded. This makes the 115km long distance an option for more day riders.

The Rapport Classic presents two distance options – 115km and 60km. The Classic long distance takes riders around the Paarl Mountain in a anti-clockwise direction on the way to Malmesbury, then onto Durbanville and back to Paarl via the Suid-Agter Paarl Road.

The Classic short distance follows the same route as the long distance for the first and last approximately 25km, turning short not to go out towards Durbanville.

Both the long and short distance rides have mild and short climbs which will present manageable challenges to fun riders. There are no big climbs or mountain passes.

Entry fees for the Rapport Classic are R340 for the 115km and R190 for the 60km.

190 R
Single Day Ride 60KM
340 R
Single Day Ride 115KM